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TIME STAMPS: How he utilized the book up to peak week (1:23)Adjusting to the higher protein level and the reasons for the increase (5:28)Salt cravings during the prep and electrolyte consumption (9:42)Overcoming challenges when beginning this prep (14:59)Struggling with disordered eating (21:39)Other obstacles he had to overcome, such as a foot injury and a big move right in the middle of the prep (22:38)The Master Press (23:23)How his foot injury affected his training (29:39)Leaning on his faith during the prep and healing (35:11)The mental growth that happens during a prep (39:33)Using a sauna (49:39)Colt's upcoming shows the rest of this...

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Rick Olderman is a sports and orthopedic physical therapist with more than 25 years’ experience that specializes in helping people with chronic pain experience a pain-free life. Rick has written the popular Fixing You® series of books -- found on Amazon.com -- to help people with chronic pain or injuries. More recently, Rick has created downloadable video home programs to help people solve pain from head to toe. These programs include his pioneering approach that has helped solve hundreds of cases of chronic pain at his clinic for the last 10 years. Rick has a new book, Solving the Pain Puzzle, coming out...

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Tanji Johnson is an IFBB/NPC Judge, 11x Fitness Champion, and founder of Tanji Johnson Posing Academy. At over 10,000 hours in leading posing instruction, she has MASTERED the art of teaching posing ever since beginning in 2002 when she launched her Art of Posing DVD’s. She has been featured on American Gladiators, Oxygen, NBC, Muscle & Fitness, and Iron Man Magazine. She is also a devout Christian and US Air Force Veteran! Tanji can be found on her website poselikeaproacademy.vipmembervault.com or on Instagram @officialtanjijohnson. From there you can find access to: Complete Competitor’s Guide eBook, by Tanji Johnson WELLNESS, FIGURE, & BIKINI Posing...

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PART 1 OF INTERVIEW WITH DARRYL: https://youtu.be/YLuZTPQA0i0 Darryl Bosshardt (@redmondrealsalt) is a salt expert - having worked in and studied salt and minerals his whole life. He is passionate about healthy living, healthy eating and life-long learning. Darryl grew up working for the family mineral business, Redmond Real Salt, in Redmond, UT and then earned a Bachelor of Science degree at Southern Utah University followed by an MBA at Western Governor's University.  E104 SHOW NOTES: 0:00      ELECTROLYTES 101: How to make your own ELECTROLYTE supplementation drink at home! 2:36      Practical ways to meet potassium requirements; potassium (and other minerals) content within popular mineral salts like Redmond....

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Colt & Melony recap her first-time, 3-month NPC bikini competition prep for the 2022 NPC Nebraska State Championships.   ALSO FEATURING MELONY:   SHOW DAY VLOG: https://youtu.be/gEDo212OqYg STAIRMILL DEMO: https://youtu.be/nb-SBcmY5pI UPI TOUR: https://youtu.be/B2ZqPo8_vyw   Athlete: Melony Murray IG: @nurse.realtor.badassfitchick Category: Bikini   Show notes: 00:00 Melony’s bio & introduction. 03:58 Why Melony decided to compete in a bodybuilding competition! 05:19 Overview & recap of Melony’s 3-month prep; overcoming increasing fatigue, doubts, and fears. 08:02 Weight & fat-loss trends throughout the prep; cardio & macronutrient modifications. 15:52 Peak week carb depletion, rapid-backloading, & meal plan. 20:35 Developing confidence in your STAGE...

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