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TIME STAMPS 00:00 Updates & Announcements 07:00 Introductions with Scott 08:36 What’s new with the Miltons? 11:44 Competing on a high-carb diet vs. a meat-based diet, without carbs. 17:24 Cutting out alcohol. 20:02 Increasing protein and training intensity to regain leg mass lost due to a foot injury. 22:37 Eating 8 lbs of sweet potatoes between two competitions to gain size! 23:54 Colt’s plans with #Skullbellz & competitions from 2023 onward. 27:46 Fatherhood, business, and life outside of bodybuilding. 28:45 Tracking macros on a meat-based competition prep. 33:47 Taylor’s important roles as CEO, co-coach, competitor, and ultimately…MOM! 37:52 Bodybuilding 101:...

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Jordan Boughner is a Carnivore SUPERMOM(!) close friend and client from Palm Beach, FL currently lean bulking on a meat-based diet just like Coach Mark from Ireland who of course is getting ready for his first show this year! Jordan has been experience lots of “ups-and-downs” that I’ll let you fill everyone in on in just a second! We’re going to take a DEEP DIVE into her MEAL PLAN, TRAINING PROTOCOL, and discuss what needs to change moving forward into her next phase. If you haven’t heard of Coach Mark you should totally check out E120 & 122 where we...

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Carly Kovacik is an NPC Women’s Physique Competitor currently in preparation for the 2023 Emerald Cup in Bellevue, WA, a marathon runner, mountain climber, close friend and client. Check out EPISODE 108 for our recap of the last two shows Carly and Colt competed in together! Time Stamps: 00:39 koh-VAY-chik 02:35 Introductions & opening prayer (Hebrews 12:1-2) 09:00 SPRINTING: Where it all began! 21:24 Hand-written words of impact from Carly’s running coach. 26:40 Training for 5k and 10k races. 36:42 Training for HALF-MARATHONS. 43:44 Carly’s nutrition training for MARATHONS vs. training for BODYBUILDING. 45:38 How Carly’s dad have her motivation...

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Today we have Susi Banuelos, a carnivore up-and-coming figure competitor from San Rafael, CA! She’s been on our meal and workout plans for just over a month now! We are writing her next workout and meal plan and decided it was best once again to ask COACH MARK ENNIS from Dublin, Ireland for his expertise, help with some of her questions I believe he can answer better than I can 2nd set of eyes on how I’m coaching her to keep her healthy inside and out! Susi’s IG: @masaun_luz Mark’s IG: @fitnessbeyondtime01 *If you don’t know who COACH MARK is,...

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Jairo (pronounced "HIGH-ROW") Chang is a Columbian Professional Natural Bodybuilder, and Judge! His accomplishments include: Master's of Business Administration - City University of Seattle TV Production, Graduate Certificate - Pontifical Xavierian University(Colombia) Bodybuilding Judge - INBA, OCB, NGA, AAU Pro Qualified Natural Bodybuilder - IPE & PNBA Certified Personal Trainer - ACE (American Council on Exercise) Certified Powerlifting Club Coach - USAPL Certified Nutrition Coach - NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Jairo has been competing, coaching, promoting, and volunteering in the sport of bodybuilding for over 24 years. Like us, he is passionate about approaching the sport of bodybuilding with a...

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