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Dani Conway is a 15 year carnivore/keto veteran! She is a nutritionist who specializes in helping people optimize their hormones, increase their gut health, fat loss and much more through a meat based diet. She successfully helped heal her body with a carnivore diet approach from hormonal issues, digestive issues, mental health, and more. About Dani: Holistic Nutrition Adv. Metabolic Typing Advisor Kalish Method Functional Med. Practitioner Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner Midlife Mastery Hormone Practitioner (IP) Ketogenic Nutrition & Metabolic Protocols Performance Nutrition for Equestrian Athletes Call/ text: 619-972-8277 Web: www.NutritiontheNaturalWay.com Email: dani@nutritionthenaturalway.com Connect with Dani on Social!! FB: @NutritiontheNaturalWay IG: @Carnivore.Keto.Fitness MEDICAL DISCLAIMER We’re not doctors. I...

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