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Dani Conway is a 15 year carnivore/keto veteran! She is a nutritionist who specializes in helping people optimize their hormones, increase their gut health, fat loss and much more through a meat based diet. She successfully helped heal her body with a carnivore diet approach from hormonal issues, digestive issues, mental health, and more. About Dani: Holistic Nutrition Adv. Metabolic Typing Advisor Kalish Method Functional Med. Practitioner Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner Midlife Mastery Hormone Practitioner (IP) Ketogenic Nutrition & Metabolic Protocols Performance Nutrition for Equestrian Athletes Call/ text: 619-972-8277 Web: Email: Connect with Dani on Social!! FB: @NutritiontheNaturalWay IG: @Carnivore.Keto.Fitness MEDICAL DISCLAIMER We’re not doctors. I...

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Are you overwhelmed by all of the propaganda, arguments, marketing, research, and opinions in the world of nutrition? Have you sold out to diet after diet in an effort to look, feel, and perform at your best, only to find it wasn’t sustainable and something wasn’t quite right? Are you ready for the truth about nutrition? Are you ready to get leaner, build muscle, be strong, regain your energy, feel younger, improve your sex life, and even pass less gas (I suppose that can be included in improving your sex life). In this episode we do our best to assist...

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Lorenzo Pruiett is a competitive crossfit athlete, carnivore diet coach, and manager of Gold's Gym in Vancouver, WA. 00:29 Beginning of Lorenzo's fitness journey. 04:35 Front squats vs. back squats. 06:36 Lorenzo's experience starting the Ketogenic diet and eventually the carnivore diet. 08:12 Experiencing early signs of Alzheimer's Disease: low energy / chronic fatigue and memory loss. 09:56 Stan Efferding, Paul Salidino, and Shawn Baker's inspirations on THRIVING on a meat-based diet. 11:18 Vince Gironda & Flex Wheeler: Classic-era carnivore bodybuilders. Learning from the professionals to combine the cognitive and performance benefits of eating carnivore. 14:42 Cooking Kahlua pig! Favorite recipes...

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