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Lorenzo Pruiett is a competitive crossfit athlete, carnivore diet coach, and manager of Gold's Gym in Vancouver, WA. 00:29 Beginning of Lorenzo's fitness journey. 04:35 Front squats vs. back squats. 06:36 Lorenzo's experience starting the Ketogenic diet and eventually the carnivore diet. 08:12 Experiencing early signs of Alzheimer's Disease: low energy / chronic fatigue and memory loss. 09:56 Stan Efferding, Paul Salidino, and Shawn Baker's inspirations on THRIVING on a meat-based diet. 11:18 Vince Gironda & Flex Wheeler: Classic-era carnivore bodybuilders. Learning from the professionals to combine the cognitive and performance benefits of eating carnivore. 14:42 Cooking Kahlua pig! Favorite recipes...

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