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Dr. Sarah Zaldivar is a Nutrition Professor at Miami Dade College. She earned her PHD in exercise physiology and nutrition at the University of Miami.  Dr. Sarah is another CARNIVORE success story herself! Check out her YouTube channel as she’s got a TON of education and practical helps on the carnivore diet.  YouTube: Dr. Sarah Zaldivar - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBXm-oCTN-dJdbD65gK5lEQ IG@ Dr.Sarah.Zaldivar  email: drsarahzaldivar@gmail.com website: https://drsarahzaldivar.com/about/ Lauren Hoover's IG @mrs.lauren_hoover / Interview: https://youtu.be/3Tf0hza5R6g Show notes: 02:29 Dr. Zaldivar’s bio and backstory; why she started the Carnivore Diet. 10:25 Not a “restriction diet.” How the Carnivore Diet gives you FREEDOM. 16:03 Why spinach can be...

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Jen Winkler is a wife, mom, and keto/carnivore veteran! She has been able to help control her epilepsy with a meat based diet, as well as reversing her PCOS diagnosis, all while losing 80 lbs!  Jen is also a coach for busy mamas looking to balance their hormones through a ketogenic diet. Jen’s IG: https://www.instagram.com/coachjenwinkler/ Website: https://www.theketogenicmom.com/ Interview on The Keto Savage Podcast: https://theketosavagepodcast.libsyn.com/healing-and-transformation-through-keto-with-jen-winkler Audio available on Anchor, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart Radio. (Video available on our YouTube channel “SKULLBELLZTV”) Show Notes: 03:30 Jen’s Bio. 07:07 Challenges & rewards of being a...

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The Carnivore Cast is the #1 rated podcast on the Carnivore Diet. Scott Myslinski, the host, interviews successful carnivores, top researchers, and citizen scientists discovering answers to common questions around athletics, long-term health, practicality, and lifestyles fueled by MEAT. This interview where Scott invited us to share our experience with the Carnivore Diet can be found on the Carnivore Cast Podcast on any audio podcast platform. Scott was kind enough to share the raw recording with us so we could publish the interview on our show as well. Show Notes: 00:50 About the Carnivore Cast Podcast – the #1 Carnivore...

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In this fifth episode we interviewed "Keto Carole" Freeman: "Miss Fix It" of the Keto World Masters in Nutrition Masters in Clinical Health Psychology  Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist  Stand up Comedian and Producer Carole and her staff teach women around the world that have tried every diet in the book implement the keto diet as a long term health lifestyle, so that they may finally feel happy with food and their bodies Contact: ketocarole.com Free 7-day Fast and Easy Keto Meal Plan Apply for coaching on website IG: @ketocarole Facebook: Carole Freeman Youtube: The Carole Freeman (Podcast) Book referenced: Why We...

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