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TIME STAMPS 00:00 Updates & Announcements 07:00 Introductions with Scott 08:36 What’s new with the Miltons? 11:44 Competing on a high-carb diet vs. a meat-based diet, without carbs. 17:24 Cutting out alcohol. 20:02 Increasing protein and training intensity to regain leg mass lost due to a foot injury. 22:37 Eating 8 lbs of sweet potatoes between two competitions to gain size! 23:54 Colt’s plans with #Skullbellz & competitions from 2023 onward. 27:46 Fatherhood, business, and life outside of bodybuilding. 28:45 Tracking macros on a meat-based competition prep. 33:47 Taylor’s important roles as CEO, co-coach, competitor, and ultimately…MOM! 37:52 Bodybuilding 101:...

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All scientific articles referenced (lots of them!) are cited in our blog post “Running: Ideal for Optimal Body Composition?” Show notes: 00:40 Does creatine enhance aerobic performance? 03:46 How do I incorporate running into my lifestyle while continuing to build muscle? 06:06 How can I achieve my goal of running 2 miles in 13 minutes without hurting muscle gains? 07:01 Which is better—sprinting or long-distance running? 09:55 Does running build calf muscle? 11:02 Does running fasted more optimal than with food in your stomach? 12:28 Is running on contest prep a good idea? 16:11 My current running protocol, with James,...

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