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Please see the show notes on Episode 21, the first time we had Mike on the show for Mike's bio. Show notes: 02:20 Tasting a Josh Pinot Noir. 03:04 Do you know what kind of wine men with an enlarged prostate drink? 06:00 Drinking alcohol post workout: bad timing! 07:30 Mike's epic hernia. 08:54 Mike's role in helping the comedy scene re-open in Seattle (safely). 10:59 Auditioning at Laugh's Comedy Club. 12:31 Mask and sanitation extremists. 14:20 The pandemic is real but so are statistics. Is it right to stop living? 16:33 Current topics at comedy clubs in the Pacific...

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Melanie Avalon is an author, actress, health show host, and blogger. Her book What, When, Wine helped us better use and understand intermittent fasting and it’s what sold me on that Paleo diet years ago. Her podcast The Intermittent Fasting Podcast has been a favorite of mine that has helped me since I started bodybuilding as a helpful tool for cutting but more importantly a useful, and what we believe to be an essential component to overall physical and spiritual well-being. Her newer podcast The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast has featured many of my favorite Carnivores such as Paul...

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Mike Parker (IG: @mikeparkerjokes) is an LA-based comedian who now lives in Seattle, WA. Having performed together frequently over the years, Mike has become a close friend and has been there a lot for me, congratulating me after my good sets and critiquing me on my bad ones. He's got a big heart, a distinct, authentic approach to the art of stand-up, and a relentless spirit. We had so much fun in this discussion we booked a follow-up interview for next month so you'll hear from him again soon!  Show notes: 02:51 Ecclesiastes 3:1-4 What the Bible has to say...

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In this fifth episode we interviewed "Keto Carole" Freeman: "Miss Fix It" of the Keto World Masters in Nutrition Masters in Clinical Health Psychology  Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist  Stand up Comedian and Producer Carole and her staff teach women around the world that have tried every diet in the book implement the keto diet as a long term health lifestyle, so that they may finally feel happy with food and their bodies Contact: Free 7-day Fast and Easy Keto Meal Plan Apply for coaching on website IG: @ketocarole Facebook: Carole Freeman Youtube: The Carole Freeman (Podcast) Book referenced: Why We...

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00:00 Podcast and guest introduction for Erik: Comedian located in Los Angeles Ted Talk on YouTube “Creating a More Fulfilling Lifestyle through Humor” Instagram: @erikescobar Hosted some online shows I was able to perform on to stay “in the game” when the COVID19 pandemic hit. That’s how we met! 01:23 Capitol Hill riots. 2:15 Types of whisky we drink. 8:55 Performing stand-up comedy while drunk. 13:29 Personalities of comedians. 16:25 Dating life of comedians & life on the road. 21:17 Lessons learned from the pandemic and political environment. 23:30 Struggling with ignorance about racism & prejudice. 25:09 Racist jokes: innocent...

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