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Scott Myslinski is the host of the #1 rated carnivore podcast called The Carnivore Cast (www.carnivorecast.com/about) that focuses on the carnivore diet and lifestyle with practical advice from successful carnivores, citizen scientists, and top researchers answering your burning questions and meaty topics. Show notes: 00:30 Beginning and development of The Carnivore Cast . 01:44 Scott's personal experience with meat-based diets and common incorrect beliefs of plant-based diets. 04:23 Lightweight rowing, cutting weight, weightlifting, and bodybuilding on meat-based diets. 05:36 Incorporating carbohydrates successfully without downsides and building muscle; gym performance with and without carbs. 08:15 Experimenting with high-fat and high-protein approaches; differences between...

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Colt and Taylor discuss what it means to be a Ketovore, why our family eats so much meats, practical takeaways and three recipes for you to try today! Show notes: 00:23 What is a Ketovore? 04:10 Supplement recommendations for those who do not eat meat.(1) 05:11 Vitamin B12 Deficiency Study.(2) 06:19 Health benefits of creatine.(3) 07:06 Zinc's crucial roles in metabolic and hormonal health.(4) 08:25 Overview of our staple main dishes, sides, and snacks. 10:10 Keto Carole's influence and inspiration for our family to embrace the ketogenic lifestyle.(5) 13:50 KETO BRICKS (www.ketobrick.com / IG: @ketobrick) 16:18 RECIPE #1: Chicken Thighs....

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In this 6th episode we interviewed The Keto Savage and the Lady Savage, Robert & Crystal Sikes! Robert: website: theketosavage.com Instagram: @ketosavage Crystal: website: ladysavage.com Instagram: @the.lady.savage Keto Brick: https://www.ketobrick.com/ Apparel: https://livesavageapparel.com/ 00:00 Introduction: The Keto Savages. 05:00 Savage Headquarters. 08:00 Purpose in starting Keto diet and bodybuilding. 11:20 Food & exercise as medicine. 12:35 Healing relationship with food and eating disorders. 21:35 "Bro-dieting" vs. strict Keto approach. 27:05 Robert's macros. 29:28 Keto-adapted weightlifting. 30:06 Questions on Keto adaptation.

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In this FOURTH episode we had the absolute HONOR of interviewing one of the most well-known, highly-sought-after coaches and an ICON in the world of natural bodybuilding: JOHN ARNOLD.   John & his wife Becky are co-owners of Natural Build Fitness LLC Over 60 years of combined experience in health & exercise Promoters of several pro and amateur bodybuilding competitions Provide coaching for bodybuilding, classic physique, figure, bikini, and men & women’s physique competitors. John: IPE Professional bodybuilder – STILL COMPETES Low carb athlete & advocate of Ketogenic contest prep & lifestyle judged over 170+ pro and amateur shows for...

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