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Link to blog post with all studies referenced: https://supersetyourlife.com/blogs/blog/what-are-branched-chain-amino-acids Show notes: 00:13 Moving, Skullbellz™ production update & other announcements. 10:11 AMINO ACIDS 101: What are they? 11:36 Complete and incomplete protein sources. 15:46 Bernardo Castellanos on mTOR, MPS, and recovery. 39:48 How ingesting BCAA alone can actually HARM your progress. 42:11 How EAA are different than BCAA. 44:56 Brandon Bebo on BCAA vs. EAA supplementation. 48:42 CUSTOMER REVIEWS (See below). Jarret @jerrettevermoredean – Thank you for your purchase of E.S.P. EXTREME Pre-Workout! Jacob @jacobjellis – Thanks for buying our Deltoid Desolator™ cable attachment and E.S.P. Pre-Workout!

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Brandon Bebo, “your favorite pothead bodybuilder,” is a highly competitive middle weight NPC athlete and coach.    The passion this young man has for the sport is clearly evident in his: Consistently Outstanding body composition and presentation  Results of his clients which from I’ve seen are always in top shape No bullshit, relentless, all-or-nothing attitude he brings to what seems to be all areas of life, whether it’s his own workouts, bringing the best out of his competitors, even training his 2-year old WOLF/DOBERMAN/BLUE-NOSE-PIT named Primo!   Every conversation with Brandon has left me with valuable takeaways. He an I...

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