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Chris shares his experience and insight on not only pursuing what you're really passionate about as a career, but also the challenges in persevering through a pandemic with that passion. Chris Mejia is a Seattle-based stand-up comedian and writer. He performs at theatres, clubs, and festivals (having won awards) along the west coast. He features for national headliners who can be seen on HBO, Netflix, and Saturday Night Live. Instagram/TikTok/Twitter: @tophermejia. Facebook: Chris Mejia. Show notes: 02:40 Where Chris's passion for standup originated. 04:34 Embrace "the suck!" 08:25 Michael Chae & Michelle Wolf, models of progressive comedy. 11:26 Using...

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Colt and Birungi (Seattle-based stand-up comedian) catch up and discuss the topics below after several months not being able to perform together. For tour dates, please visit Instagram: @birungicomedy / YouTube: Birungi Comedy Show Notes: 01:03 Birungi's advice on SUPERSETTING YOUR LIFE. 05:55 The art of authenticity when performing stand-up comedy. 12:00 The art of using silence in music and stand-up comedy. 18:51 We all bring "baggage" into our relationships! 21:94 Performing for fundraisers. 23:01 Bitten by the comedy bug! 28:49 How Birungi's stand-up career started in 2015. 33:01 Stand-up is a grind, no matter how successful you become. 34:30...

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The "Joe Rogan" of Seattle! We discuss Pocholo's experience as an MMA fighter and how this SUPERSET with stand-up comedy has developed his philosophy and his brand. Podcast: Pankration Philosophy / Instagram: @pankrationphilosophy 00:54 Pocholo's studio & gym. 01:43 What is Pankration Philosophy? 04:31 How the Pankration Philosophy Podcast started. 05:19 How Pocholo & Colt met. 07:42 Human struggles are universal. 08:17 Eating disorders in male athletes. 13:56 Importance of incorporating your athletics & arts into your long-term lifestyle. 15:05 "Struggles aren't character-BUILDING; they're character-REVEALING." 21:30 Benefits of focusing on PROCESS vs. OUTCOME. 22:30 Why Pocholo started fighting. 22:40 Goal...

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