E9 - Pocholo Cruz on Pankration Philosophy

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E9 - Pocholo Cruz on Pankration Philosophy

The "Joe Rogan" of Seattle! We discuss Pocholo's experience as an MMA fighter and how this SUPERSET with stand-up comedy has developed his philosophy and his brand.

Podcast: Pankration Philosophy / Instagram: @pankrationphilosophy

00:54 Pocholo's studio & gym.

01:43 What is Pankration Philosophy?

04:31 How the Pankration Philosophy Podcast started.

05:19 How Pocholo & Colt met.

07:42 Human struggles are universal.

08:17 Eating disorders in male athletes.

13:56 Importance of incorporating your athletics & arts into your long-term lifestyle.

15:05 "Struggles aren't character-BUILDING; they're character-REVEALING."

21:30 Benefits of focusing on PROCESS vs. OUTCOME.

22:30 Why Pocholo started fighting.

22:40 Goal Driven vs. GROWTH-driven: Which is better?

24:43 Winning vs. Losing: Which is more beneficial long-term?

28:18 Parallels between stand-up comedy & MMA.

29:06 How Pocholo started stand-up comedy.

35:34 Do pursuing both stand-up and MMA simultaneously impede or enhance overall progress?

37:35 When to utilize singular focus to master a skill.

39:39 Structured planning & goal-setting vs. organic progress.

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