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Erica is a CARNIVORE NURSE, LIFTER, RUNNER, and POSITIVE VIBES PRACTITIONER! She believes in "MAKING MONDAYS(!) GREAT AGAIN!" and today she's carved out some time in her busy schedule to share her experiences with you so you can SUPERSET YOUR LIFE! TIME STAMPS: 00:50 New announcements(!); Erica’s backstory and bio. 02:21 Running for THERAPY and CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH. 05:49 Building MUSCLE MASS on a PLANT-BASsdED DIET vs. a MEAT-BASED DIET. 09:28 CARBOHYDRATE TIMING on a MEAT-BASED (Paleo) diet. 14:48 Sleeping on a FULL STOMACH vs. an EMPTY STOMACH—which is better? 19:29 Optimal meal timing & ALCOHOL consumption on a meat-based diet....

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James MacDonald is a brilliant Carnivore, brother in Christ, and functional fitness instructor! INSTAGRAM: @fitnesswithjam TIME STAMPS: 00:49 What meats James eats in a typical day! 03:51 Tracking macros vs. INTUITIVE EATING. 08:00 Why tracking macronutrients and Calories on the Carnivore Diet is SIMPLE! 13:57 Dramatic healing in GUT HEALTH since eliminating problematic foods. 22:28 Omega-3’s, Omega-6’s, & chronic inflammation. 26:43 Mental clarity, consistent energy, & positive mindset experienced from the Carnivore Diet. 30:41 James’ favorite SALTS and why he uses them! 38:08 Ethics, morals, and spiritual beliefs concerning an exclusively meat-based diet; appreciation and utilization of every part of...

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Trevor Lee a: Primal/Carnivore Coach Functional Nutritionist Gym owner Fellow follower of Christ! (Video available on our YouTube channel “SKULLBELLZTV”) I reached out to him because he is a man that has in so many ways accomplished exactly what Taylor and I are striving towards. He is specialized and further experienced in areas than we are, and I hope and pray to receive lots of wisdom from Trevor. We will be discussing our various techniques and methods around OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE using the CARNIVORE DIET, and the role our FAITH has to play in all this "NOW FAITH IS THE ASSURANCE...

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Joe has dedicated his life to the extreme sport of competitive bodybuilding. His accomplishments include winning a 2nd place title in the 2015 British NABBA bodybuilding finals, also placing in the top six, and winning three consecutive first place titles in regional British titles. As an entrepreneur, Joe works with business founders and corporate leaders, applying lessons learned in the world of peak performance to business outcomes. He works directly with ambitious brands and leads companies up to £1 billion in turnover, helping to increase market share in the most capital-efficient way. WEBSITE: https://www.pikkal.com/podcast-guesting LINKEDIN: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/joe-cramond   Time stamps: 02:51 Posing...

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