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Interview with Professor Bart Kay on BODY RECOMPOSITION, the “controversy of Calories,” competing as a Carnivore, and the future of Carnivore Bodybuilding!

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TIME STAMPS 00:00 Updates & Announcements 07:00 Introductions with Scott 08:36 What’s new with the Miltons? 11:44 Competing on a high-carb diet vs. a meat-based diet, without carbs. 17:24 Cutting out alcohol. 20:02 Increasing protein and training intensity to regain leg mass lost due to a foot injury. 22:37 Eating 8 lbs of sweet potatoes between two competitions to gain size! 23:54 Colt’s plans with #Skullbellz & competitions from 2023 onward. 27:46 Fatherhood, business, and life outside of bodybuilding. 28:45 Tracking macros on a meat-based competition prep. 33:47 Taylor’s important roles as CEO, co-coach, competitor, and ultimately…MOM! 37:52 Bodybuilding 101:...

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See the video on our YouTube channel "SKULLBELLZTV"! Show notes: 12:07 Dr. Shawn Baker's Biography & Introduction to THE CARNIVORE DIET.  13:37 Beginning from LOW CARB and inspiration to embrace a meat-only lifestyle.  14:58 Why Shawn felt terrible when returning to a traditional diet. 16:57 Wendy - Eveleth, MN: (1 of 1) Do you consume foods that are not "considered carnivore?"  19:28 Wendy - Eveleth, MN: (2 of 2) Do you supplement L-Glutamine for digestive health?  20:07 The importance of quality mineral salts and why Shawn prefers Redmond Real Salt.  37:37 Leah - York, UK: Where do you see the...

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Check out Episode 53 first to hear Jonathan's backstory and approach to Carnivore bodybuilding first! Show notes: 07:30 Why Jonathan started the Carnivore diet, and why he stuck with it. 10:28 The benefits of a meat-based diet for children. 19:33 Trial and error: pioneers of Carnivore bodybuilding. 28:15 Gluconeogenesis vs. ketosis; preferences concerning macronutrient ratios. 36:15 Peak week protocols. 43:44 Steroids. 1:07:05 Digestive enzymes. 1:09:15 Final greetings, gratitude, and future plans for Carnivore bodybuilding.

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Audio available on Anchor, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart Radio. Are you married to or dating a bodybuilder? Taylor gives you a heads up on what to expect from your athlete and how to be their #1 fan! Books mentioned in show: 1. Ketogenic Bodybuilding, by Robert Sikes 2. Heart of a Competitor: Daily Devotions for a Winning Attitude "Built Naturally" T-Shirts by Matt Hornsby: email Book your free 15-minute phone consultation with Coaches Colt & Taylor: or text “coaching” to (206) 743-1346 All of the supplements we take:

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