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See the video on our YouTube channel "SKULLBELLZTV"! Show notes: 12:07 Dr. Shawn Baker's Biography & Introduction to THE CARNIVORE DIET.  13:37 Beginning from LOW CARB and inspiration to embrace a meat-only lifestyle.  14:58 Why Shawn felt terrible when returning to a traditional diet. 16:57 Wendy - Eveleth, MN: (1 of 1) Do you consume foods that are not "considered carnivore?"  19:28 Wendy - Eveleth, MN: (2 of 2) Do you supplement L-Glutamine for digestive health?  20:07 The importance of quality mineral salts and why Shawn prefers Redmond Real Salt.  37:37 Leah - York, UK: Where do you see the...

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Check out Episode 53 first to hear Jonathan's backstory and approach to Carnivore bodybuilding first! Show notes: 07:30 Why Jonathan started the Carnivore diet, and why he stuck with it. 10:28 The benefits of a meat-based diet for children. 19:33 Trial and error: pioneers of Carnivore bodybuilding. 28:15 Gluconeogenesis vs. ketosis; preferences concerning macronutrient ratios. 36:15 Peak week protocols. 43:44 Steroids. 1:07:05 Digestive enzymes. 1:09:15 Final greetings, gratitude, and future plans for Carnivore bodybuilding.

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Audio available on Anchor, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart Radio. Are you married to or dating a bodybuilder? Taylor gives you a heads up on what to expect from your athlete and how to be their #1 fan! Books mentioned in show: 1. Ketogenic Bodybuilding, by Robert Sikes 2. Heart of a Competitor: Daily Devotions for a Winning Attitude "Built Naturally" T-Shirts by Matt Hornsby: email Book your free 15-minute phone consultation with Coaches Colt & Taylor: or text “coaching” to (206) 743-1346 All of the supplements we take:

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Jonathan Griffiths is a highly competitive bodybuilder that uses an all-meat diet for contest prep.  Having nearly turned pro on multiple occasions with an INSANE amount of muscle mass, coming in completely shredded, he’s really proven what’s possible to do with the carnivore diet not only in terms of health but also extreme aesthetics.  Jonathan does offer coaching services. The best way to follow and contact him is through Instagram: @composition_consultant. Show notes: 09:34 Jonathan’s bio and accomplishments. 10:29 Athletic background and initial motivation to compete as a bodybuilder. 14:12 Comparing stage weights and statistics. 16:40 Jonathan’s competition macro ratios...

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The Carnivore Cast is the #1 rated podcast on the Carnivore Diet. Scott Myslinski, the host, interviews successful carnivores, top researchers, and citizen scientists discovering answers to common questions around athletics, long-term health, practicality, and lifestyles fueled by MEAT. This interview where Scott invited us to share our experience with the Carnivore Diet can be found on the Carnivore Cast Podcast on any audio podcast platform. Scott was kind enough to share the raw recording with us so we could publish the interview on our show as well. Show Notes: 00:50 About the Carnivore Cast Podcast – the #1 Carnivore...

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