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E101 - Shawn Baker, MD on the Future of Carnivore, High-Fat vs. High-Protein, Refeeds, & More!

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Show notes:
12:07 Dr. Shawn Baker's Biography & Introduction to THE CARNIVORE DIET. 
13:37 Beginning from LOW CARB and inspiration to embrace a meat-only lifestyle. 
14:58 Why Shawn felt terrible when returning to a traditional diet. 16:57 Wendy - Eveleth, MN: (1 of 1) Do you consume foods that are not "considered carnivore?" 
19:28 Wendy - Eveleth, MN: (2 of 2) Do you supplement L-Glutamine for digestive health? 
20:07 The importance of quality mineral salts and why Shawn prefers Redmond Real Salt. 
37:37 Leah - York, UK: Where do you see the CARNIVORE DIET going in the future? (SPOILER: GOING MAINSTREAM!) 24:31 Carnitine, creatine, taurine, and other nutrients abundant and bioavailable in red meat. 
26:53 Brian Hillier - Edmonton, AB: How have your blood triglycerides, heart health, and cholesterol levels been affected? 
33:29 Jonathan Griffiths - Bournemouth, UK: What benefits did you experience when implementing CARNIVORE REFEEDS? 
35:59 Calculating Dr. Baker's macronutrient ratios depending on what his current athletics goals are. 
38:49 A typical day of eating; protein & fat ratios; favorite meat sources. 
40:08 Ketogenic macros vs. "high-protein" (non-keto) macros on a meat based diet--which is better? 
41:35 Why YOU DO NOT NEED CARBS TO BUILD MUSCLE; insulin, training, "fat refeeds," & muscle protein synthesis 
45:10 Digestive issues associated with consuming "very high" amounts of red meat in one sitting. 
47:28 Ribeye: Shawn's favorite cut of steak! 
48:29 RAW MEAT & ORGANS: Do the benefits outweigh the risks? 
50:08 Ashley Hott - Salisbury, MD: Are eggs a wise choice to include regularly on a meat-based diet? 
53:11 How Shawn SUPERSETS HIS LIFE!  
Dr. Baker is a:father, CEO, international lecturer, and athlete.  
He is also a Decorated Military Officer:
        - Nuclear Weapons Launch Officer for the USAF
        - Combat Trauma Surgeon in Afghanistan
        - Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Baker’s focus as of lately has been on how nutrition and lifestyle affect:
His advocacy for the CARNIVORE DIET has inspired countless people to challenge our FLAWED(!) nutritional paradigm in favor of living a full carnivore lifestyle.  TWITTER: @sbakermd IG: @shawnbaker1967 WEBSITE: CONSULTATIONS: ROGAN INTERVIEW: ==========================================================  
SUPERSETYOURLIFE.COM is a HEALTH-FIRST movement dedicated to empowering your aesthetic journey, specializing in KETO-CARNIVORE nutrition and BODYBUILDING coaching plans.  
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