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“Paleo” Lola, PHC is a PRIMAL KETO/CARNIVORE COACH specializing in SUSTAINABLE FAT LOSS, STRENGTH, and DEVELOPING SELF-CONFIDENCE through her kick-ass all-American entrepreneurial lifestyle fueled by MEAT! Lola and I have a common goal on sharing the TRUTH about NUTRITION and how to best achieve your aesthetic & strength goals using a MEAT-BASED DIET 😊 I reached out to her knowing for sure she would have lots of PRACTICAL, UNIQUE suggestions on how to best make this diet work for you and SUPERSET YOUR LIFE! TIME STAMPS: 00:23 Biography of a PRIMAL KETO/CARNIVORE coach! 05:04 Eliminators vs. Moderators: Which are you?...

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Samantha Warren, a full-time personal trainer from Washington, DC, helps women live their best lives though science-based practices, good food & strength gains. Her clients and social media following benefit from her extensive experience, her education (master's degree in exercise science), her fun, high-energy approach, and her big heart.  Samantha can be found on Instagram at @samanthaaadearfit. Her website has link to her website where you can apply for one-on-one coaching, find 12-week gym / home workout guides for purchase, as well as free workouts and challenges. Four years ago, Samantha and I connected over Instagram (of all places) when...

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