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Lawrence Espinoza is a new SuperSet client as of 2021 having recently taken SECOND PLACE in Men’s Bodybuilding Novice and Classic Physique Novice at the NPC Northern Classic in Federal Way, WA. On this episode we recap his show prep and share the whole story! Lawrence can be found on Facebook and Instagram @lawrence.m.espinoza. Audio available on Anchor, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart Radio. Show notes: 00:00 The importance of knowing your "why." 00:40 Introduction & announcements. 05:34 Biography of "The Hero." 06:27 Results and feelings surrounding Lawrence's first show. 10:50 The example...

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Timm Heimgartner is a close friend, having taught me many valuable bodybuilding skills in our time training together. He is also a father of two beautiful girls and a professional in the medical field. Timm's Instagram: @timmheimgartner  Dope background music by WALKER MUSIC: To purchase skull cable attachment: Show notes: 00:11 How Timm & Colt met and started training together. 01:53 Why Timm started competing at age 37. 03:02 Life as a "hard-gainer." 04:21 Deciding between Men's Physique & Classic Physique divisions. 09:51 What Timm's diet looks like; avoiding plants that cause inflammation. 12:45 The proper perspective to...

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Jeff Nelson is the founder and owner of Body Shop Fitness LLC in Bothell, WA. We discuss the challenges and rewards of opening a specialty bodybuilding gym. Show notes: 02:11 Creating a unique gym experience in contrast with big-box gyms; appealing to high-level competitors. 03:48 American pride and patriotic vibe of Body Shop. 04:38 Why Jeff chose to use all Arsenal Strength equipment, made in Tennessee, and his positive experience with the supplier. 06:08 The thrill of using old-school pieces of equipment like vertical leg presses and pendulum "trebuchet" squat presses 09:45 Opening right when the pandemic hit in...

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