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See the video on our YouTube channel "SKULLBELLZTV"! Show notes: 12:07 Dr. Shawn Baker's Biography & Introduction to THE CARNIVORE DIET.  13:37 Beginning from LOW CARB and inspiration to embrace a meat-only lifestyle.  14:58 Why Shawn felt terrible when returning to a traditional diet. 16:57 Wendy - Eveleth, MN: (1 of 1) Do you consume foods that are not "considered carnivore?"  19:28 Wendy - Eveleth, MN: (2 of 2) Do you supplement L-Glutamine for digestive health?  20:07 The importance of quality mineral salts and why Shawn prefers Redmond Real Salt.  37:37 Leah - York, UK: Where do you see the...

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