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Trevor Lee a: Primal/Carnivore Coach Functional Nutritionist Gym owner Fellow follower of Christ! (Video available on our YouTube channel “SKULLBELLZTV”) I reached out to him because he is a man that has in so many ways accomplished exactly what Taylor and I are striving towards. He is specialized and further experienced in areas than we are, and I hope and pray to receive lots of wisdom from Trevor. We will be discussing our various techniques and methods around OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE using the CARNIVORE DIET, and the role our FAITH has to play in all this "NOW FAITH IS THE ASSURANCE...

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Tanji Johnson is an IFBB/NPC Judge, 11x Fitness Champion, and founder of Tanji Johnson Posing Academy. At over 10,000 hours in leading posing instruction, she has MASTERED the art of teaching posing ever since beginning in 2002 when she launched her Art of Posing DVD’s. She has been featured on American Gladiators, Oxygen, NBC, Muscle & Fitness, and Iron Man Magazine. She is also a devout Christian and US Air Force Veteran! Tanji can be found on her website or on Instagram @officialtanjijohnson. From there you can find access to: Complete Competitor’s Guide eBook, by Tanji Johnson WELLNESS, FIGURE, & BIKINI Posing...

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Craig Capurso is a professional bodybuilder, disciple of Christ, husband, father, coach, gym owner, fitness model, and author.  Muscle and Fitness Article: Craig’s “30 Days Out” Extreme Cut Trainer: My Battle Plan Podcast: Craig’s website:   Show notes: 03:30 Craig’s bio and mission. 04:50 Fearing God vs. fearing “man” and stewardship of spiritual gifts. 09:32 The four pillars of faith, family, fitness and fellowship. 10:27 Being authentic and outspoken on gun rights, politics, faith, and other “unpopular” views. 12:18 Classic Physique vs. Men’s Physique: would you ever compete again? 13:30 The time and energy a bodybuilding...

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