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E105 - Tanji Johnson Q&A: Posing, Earning Sponsorships, Choosing the Right Category for You, & More!

Tanji Johnson is an IFBB/NPC Judge, 11x Fitness Champion, and founder of Tanji Johnson Posing Academy. At over 10,000 hours in leading posing instruction, she has MASTERED the art of teaching posing ever since beginning in 2002 when she launched her Art of Posing DVD’s. She has been featured on American Gladiators, Oxygen, NBC, Muscle & Fitness, and Iron Man Magazine. She is also a devout Christian and US Air Force Veteran!

Tanji can be found on her website or on Instagram @officialtanjijohnson. From there you can find access to:

  • Complete Competitor’s Guide eBook, by Tanji Johnson
  • WELLNESS, FIGURE, & BIKINI Posing Curriculums
  • Show info for the annual NPC Tanji Johnson Classic held in Olympia, WA


6:30   Tanji's bio, accomplishments, and backstory; how we met!

7:34   The value of PERSISTENCE!

8:29   AYANA FUENTES (Las Vegas, NV): Will you ever compete again?

11:29  JONATHAN GRIFFITHS (Bournemouth, UK): How much time should an athlete dedicate to posing practice, and should this increase as the competition date approaches?

20:10  Melony Murray (St. Louis, MO): How do you develop confidense in transitions between mandatory poses?

25:05  What is cellulite? Does it affect placings? How do you get rid of it?

27:38  How to identify the right show for YOU and calculate a reasonable, healthy length for your prep.

29:11  JERRETT DEAN (Vancouver, WA): How do NPC judges typically feel about sponsorships & logos on stage?

31:33  Advice on seeking potential sponsors: What value can you offer?

39:32  Health, wellness and supplement companies: where do you specialize in? (the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY!)

41:01  LUCKY CRIM (New Market, AL): How do you get "into the zone" to work out?

41:58  LISTENING TO YOUR BODY: Training to failure, DELOAD weeks, and ACTIVE RECOVERY.

46:34  Changing your definition of success to capitalize on WHY you are competing.

52:03  What Tanji looks for in identifying whether an athlete is ready to consider competing in bodybuilding.

55:00  LAUREN HOOVER (DeBary, FL): What key muscle group should a FIGURE/WELLNESS competitor focus on in her "lean bulk season?"

58:49  Most memorable competition experiences and lessons learned.

1:02:59         The story of Tanji WINNING(!) the Arnold Classic after LOSING(!) TEN TIMES!

1:06:39         How God used Tanji's failures to mold, develop, and grow her into "The People's Champ," instead of "simply winning."

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