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Time Stamps: 01:46 Beginning of Carly's competition prep for the 2022 NPC Northwest Natural & 2022 NPC NW Championship 02:20 Overview of the (many!) challenge overcame through her journey & how we met Carly 03:10 Meal prepping in a FLOODED KITCHEN! 22:42 Chicken breast: Carly's favorite contest prep food (not really!) 24:20 Diet hacks to give your meal plan more variety 30:01 Controlling your attitude when you are ANGRY, STRESSED, and OVER-WORKED 31:03 REVERSE DIET: How to stay as lean as you possibly can year-round 37:42 Confidence approaching PEAK WEEK being SHREDDED at 5 weeks out 39:02 Deep dive into...

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Brandon Bebo, “your favorite pothead bodybuilder,” is a highly competitive middle weight NPC athlete and coach.    MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Please check with your doctor before implementing any of the topics we discuss on this show. We are not medical professionals. We are athletes and coaches.  Email Brandon for competition coaching: @bigyoungbebo / Brandon Bebo Noe🇵🇷 | Bodybuilder (@bigyoungbebo) • Instagram photos and videos @primobeann / PRIMO 🐶 (@primobeann) • Instagram photos and videos Show notes: 01:09 Primo: 1/3 Doberman, 1/3 Blue-nose-pit, 1/3 WOLF! Love for dogs and what we can learn from them in application to human relationships. 05:48...

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Jeff Nelson is the founder and owner of Body Shop Fitness LLC in Bothell, WA. We discuss the challenges and rewards of opening a specialty bodybuilding gym. Show notes: 02:11 Creating a unique gym experience in contrast with big-box gyms; appealing to high-level competitors. 03:48 American pride and patriotic vibe of Body Shop. 04:38 Why Jeff chose to use all Arsenal Strength equipment, made in Tennessee, and his positive experience with the supplier. 06:08 The thrill of using old-school pieces of equipment like vertical leg presses and pendulum "trebuchet" squat presses 09:45 Opening right when the pandemic hit in...

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