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E108 - Carly Kovacik: NPC Women’s Physique Athlete, Mountain Climber, and Marathon Runner!

Time Stamps: 01:46 Beginning of Carly's competition prep for the 2022 NPC Northwest Natural & 2022 NPC NW Championship 02:20 Overview of the (many!) challenge overcame through her journey & how we met Carly 03:10 Meal prepping in a FLOODED KITCHEN! 22:42 Chicken breast: Carly's favorite contest prep food (not really!) 24:20 Diet hacks to give your meal plan more variety 30:01 Controlling your attitude when you are ANGRY, STRESSED, and OVER-WORKED 31:03 REVERSE DIET: How to stay as lean as you possibly can year-round 37:42 Confidence approaching PEAK WEEK being SHREDDED at 5 weeks out 39:02 Deep dive into Carly's macronutrient changes and meal plan 43:39 Meal prepping on peak week refeed day in Omaha, NE in ANOTHER FLOODED KITCHEN! 49:40 Learning how to pose for WOMEN'S PHYSIQUE, with Coach Brandon Bebo 57:40 Constructing Carly's refeed meal for between two shows on consecutive days to fill out, gain size, and tighten skin 1:01:05 Carly's fear of being humiliated in front of her friends, family, and a large audience, and how she conquered this fear! 1:04:20 Tanning & backstage experiences 1:09:20 Hormonal changes & overall health through Carly's prep 1:19:08 Carly's mindset going into Christmas, 2023, and the NPC Emerald Cup in Bellevue, WA 1:21:21 Improvements Carly will be making on her physique before April 2023 1:33:35 Squat, deadlift, and progression of other power moves and the importance of their place in lean bulking

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