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The "Joe Rogan" of Seattle! We discuss Pocholo's experience as an MMA fighter and how this SUPERSET with stand-up comedy has developed his philosophy and his brand. Podcast: Pankration Philosophy / Instagram: @pankrationphilosophy 00:54 Pocholo's studio & gym. 01:43 What is Pankration Philosophy? 04:31 How the Pankration Philosophy Podcast started. 05:19 How Pocholo & Colt met. 07:42 Human struggles are universal. 08:17 Eating disorders in male athletes. 13:56 Importance of incorporating your athletics & arts into your long-term lifestyle. 15:05 "Struggles aren't character-BUILDING; they're character-REVEALING." 21:30 Benefits of focusing on PROCESS vs. OUTCOME. 22:30 Why Pocholo started fighting. 22:40 Goal...

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The "Unequally-Yoked" couple is BACK, this time with a discussion on all things fitness--mental, physical, and emotional! Together, they have: Started and co-owned the Victory Get Fit Club gym in Federal Way, WA---First outdoor bootcamp in Puget sound Trained men and women award-winning professional fitness competitors —two pro car Produced and hosted their own bodybuilding competitions 4 years (my first time stepping on stage!) They are bodybuilding judges They run their own podcast and vlog “Unequally Yoked.” Alfred also: Owns the Ra’oof Realty Team (can find him on his Facebook page Alfred Ra’oof Realty) Recently at 47 years of age...

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