E8 - Alfred & Clem on Pro Men's Physique, Prayer, Meditation, & More!

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E8 - Alfred & Clem on Pro Men's Physique, Prayer, Meditation, & More!

The "Unequally-Yoked" couple is BACK, this time with a discussion on all things fitness--mental, physical, and emotional!

Together, they have:

  • Started and co-owned the Victory Get Fit Club gym in Federal Way, WA---First outdoor bootcamp in Puget sound
  • Trained men and women award-winning professional fitness competitors —two pro car
  • Produced and hosted their own bodybuilding competitions 4 years (my first time stepping on stage!)
  • They are bodybuilding judges
  • They run their own podcast and vlog “Unequally Yoked.”

Alfred also:

  • Owns the Ra’oof Realty Team (can find him on his Facebook page Alfred Ra’oof Realty)
  • Recently at 47 years of age placed 4th in the WORLD at the IPE World Natural Bodybuilding Open Class and 2nd in the Master’s Class for athletes 40+.

Clem is a:

  • Personal Trainer-Sound Healing Practitioner
  • Certified Self-Care & Empowerment Coach (find out more on her website slayandshine.com)
  • Co-president of the Girlfriend’s Success Circle
  • Bodybuilding competitor

01:00 New supersetyourlife.com headquarters: Vancouver, WA.

02:00 Alfred & Clem's biggest accomplishment.

03:04 Achieving professional Men's Physique status.

06:39 Purging old habits & embracing new ones.

08:41 Water & body energy balance

12:29 Alfred & Clem: the Ultimate SuperSetters!

16:00 Career success & spiritual/mental wellness.

23:35 Fitness feeds the soul.

31:11 Prayer vs. meditation.

42:03 Science vs. intention for optimal health.

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