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Please see the show notes on Episode 21, the first time we had Mike on the show for Mike's bio. Show notes: 02:20 Tasting a Josh Pinot Noir. 03:04 Do you know what kind of wine men with an enlarged prostate drink? 06:00 Drinking alcohol post workout: bad timing! 07:30 Mike's epic hernia. 08:54 Mike's role in helping the comedy scene re-open in Seattle (safely). 10:59 Auditioning at Laugh's Comedy Club. 12:31 Mask and sanitation extremists. 14:20 The pandemic is real but so are statistics. Is it right to stop living? 16:33 Current topics at comedy clubs in the Pacific...

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Chris shares his experience and insight on not only pursuing what you're really passionate about as a career, but also the challenges in persevering through a pandemic with that passion. Chris Mejia is a Seattle-based stand-up comedian and writer. He performs at theatres, clubs, and festivals (having won awards) along the west coast. He features for national headliners who can be seen on HBO, Netflix, and Saturday Night Live. Instagram/TikTok/Twitter: @tophermejia. Facebook: Chris Mejia. Show notes: 02:40 Where Chris's passion for standup originated. 04:34 Embrace "the suck!" 08:25 Michael Chae & Michelle Wolf, models of progressive comedy. 11:26 Using...

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Ken Hamlett is a stand-up comedian, producer, writer, and show host. He has been winning several awards for his performances including 1st Place at the Western Oregon Comedy Competition, and is regularly featured at comedy festivals and headlines clubs throughout the United States and Canada. *Please note this episode contains some explicit language and should be listened to by adults only.* Shows: Mondays: Party Time!  Thursdays: TRIPLE THREAT. Podcasts: A Drunken Night Out & NWurdPodcast, available on all podcast platforms Facebook: Ken Hamlett / IG: @kenhamlett Website: Show notes: 00:00 "I just wanna be Cocoa Puffs too dad!"...

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