E32 - Mike Parker on Steve Harvey's New Religion, Tom Brady's Deal with the Devil, and a Global Over-Population of Cows

Please see the show notes on Episode 21, the first time we had Mike on the show for Mike's bio.

Show notes:

02:20 Tasting a Josh Pinot Noir.

03:04 Do you know what kind of wine men with an enlarged prostate drink?

06:00 Drinking alcohol post workout: bad timing!

07:30 Mike's epic hernia.

08:54 Mike's role in helping the comedy scene re-open in Seattle (safely).

10:59 Auditioning at Laugh's Comedy Club.

12:31 Mask and sanitation extremists.

14:20 The pandemic is real but so are statistics. Is it right to stop living?

16:33 Current topics at comedy clubs in the Pacific Northwest.

20:32 Comedy competitions: Is it right to turn an art into a competition?

31:15 Challenges in judging arts such as comedy and bodybuilding; you can't take losses personal, and you can't over-celebrate your victories.

36:14 High-school reunions.

37:17 Super-Bowl LV (2021) and Super-Bowl XVII (2003). Our mutual love for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the progression of the team.

41:00 Tom Brady's "dead with the devil."

47:04 Steve Harvey's new religion--YIKES.

53:42 Roasting pork spare ribs: did the pig even need that rib to begin with? Carnivores and vegans: will we ever get along?

58:45 How going vegan could lead to a detrimental over-population of cows (satire!).

1:06:12 Prophetic speculations of a return to veganism, and more concerns of over-population of cows.

1:08:30 The New Millennium: The day will I will likely begin taking steroids because of a possible global lack of protein in an effort to retain muscle mass. Jenny's concern for my health.

1:14:15 Our humble stand-up comedy beginnings and why we ditched our stage names.

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