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James MacDonald is a brilliant Carnivore, brother in Christ, and functional fitness instructor! INSTAGRAM: @fitnesswithjam TIME STAMPS: 00:49 What meats James eats in a typical day! 03:51 Tracking macros vs. INTUITIVE EATING. 08:00 Why tracking macronutrients and Calories on the Carnivore Diet is SIMPLE! 13:57 Dramatic healing in GUT HEALTH since eliminating problematic foods. 22:28 Omega-3’s, Omega-6’s, & chronic inflammation. 26:43 Mental clarity, consistent energy, & positive mindset experienced from the Carnivore Diet. 30:41 James’ favorite SALTS and why he uses them! 38:08 Ethics, morals, and spiritual beliefs concerning an exclusively meat-based diet; appreciation and utilization of every part of...

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Trevor Lee a: Primal/Carnivore Coach Functional Nutritionist Gym owner Fellow follower of Christ! (Video available on our YouTube channel “SKULLBELLZTV”) I reached out to him because he is a man that has in so many ways accomplished exactly what Taylor and I are striving towards. He is specialized and further experienced in areas than we are, and I hope and pray to receive lots of wisdom from Trevor. We will be discussing our various techniques and methods around OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE using the CARNIVORE DIET, and the role our FAITH has to play in all this "NOW FAITH IS THE ASSURANCE...

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Ayana Pilar Fuentes is another carnivore success story! “I like to do HARD THINGS to CHALLENGE MYSELF.” Amy Bellinder’s “Mighty Network” Group: Ayana’s Instagram: @ketofitvegas Show notes: 03:51 Abandoning the “food pyramid” and OBESITY. 06:45 Weighing 188 lbs at 10 years old, and learning how to make positive changes. 09:24 How bodybuilding gave Ayana a tangible way to develop herself into a lady of DISCIPLINE. 11:09 MODERATORS vs. ELIMINATORS; which one are you? 17:22 Ayana’s cardio strategies for fat loss. 22:29 Women’s competition categories and considerations when selecting which is right for you. 25:38 Steroids and drug use in...

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Jonathan Griffiths returns a THIRD TIME to take a deeper cut into Carnivore Bodybuilding! He is a highly competitive bodybuilder that uses an all-meat diet for contest prep. Having nearly turned pro on multiple occasions with an INSANE amount of muscle mass, coming in completely shredded, he’s really proven what’s possible to do with the carnivore diet not only in terms of health but also extreme aesthetics. PART 1: PART 2: Show notes: 1:49 Global creatine shortage (!) 6:00 Jonathan’s training split. 11:11 Jonathan’s favorite exercises with the Deltoid Desolator™ cable attachment. 23:18 Leg press variations to work...

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