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E87 – Jonathan Griffiths, Pt. 3: Training on Carnivore, “The Anabolic Window,” Bloodwork, and More!

Jonathan Griffiths returns a THIRD TIME to take a deeper cut into Carnivore Bodybuilding! He is a highly competitive bodybuilder that uses an all-meat diet for contest prep.

Having nearly turned pro on multiple occasions with an INSANE amount of muscle mass, coming in completely shredded, he’s really proven what’s possible to do with the carnivore diet not only in terms of health but also extreme aesthetics.



Show notes:

1:49 Global creatine shortage (!)

6:00 Jonathan’s training split.

11:11 Jonathan’s favorite exercises with the Deltoid Desolator™ cable attachment.

23:18 Leg press variations to work around lower back issues.

31:59 Blood pressure & heart health concerns for Carnivores and bodybuilders.

44:20 “The Anabolic Window.”

49:55 Partial reps vs. locking out.

59:04 Spot reducing body fat: is this possible?

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