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Ken Hamlett is a stand-up comedian, producer, writer, and show host. He has been winning several awards for his performances including 1st Place at the Western Oregon Comedy Competition, and is regularly featured at comedy festivals and headlines clubs throughout the United States and Canada. *Please note this episode contains some explicit language and should be listened to by adults only.* Shows: Mondays: Party Time!  Thursdays: TRIPLE THREAT. Podcasts: A Drunken Night Out & NWurdPodcast, available on all podcast platforms Facebook: Ken Hamlett / IG: @kenhamlett Website: Show notes: 00:00 "I just wanna be Cocoa Puffs too dad!"...

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Colt and Birungi (Seattle-based stand-up comedian) catch up and discuss the topics below after several months not being able to perform together. For tour dates, please visit Instagram: @birungicomedy / YouTube: Birungi Comedy Show Notes: 01:03 Birungi's advice on SUPERSETTING YOUR LIFE. 05:55 The art of authenticity when performing stand-up comedy. 12:00 The art of using silence in music and stand-up comedy. 18:51 We all bring "baggage" into our relationships! 21:94 Performing for fundraisers. 23:01 Bitten by the comedy bug! 28:49 How Birungi's stand-up career started in 2015. 33:01 Stand-up is a grind, no matter how successful you become. 34:30...

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