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Craig Capurso is a professional bodybuilder, disciple of Christ, husband, father, coach, gym owner, fitness model, and author.  Muscle and Fitness Article: https://www.muscleandfitness.com/flexonline/ifbb/craig-capurso-0/ Craig’s “30 Days Out” Extreme Cut Trainer: https://www.bodybuilding.com/workout-plans/about/30-days-out-craig-capurso-extreme-cut-trainer My Battle Plan Podcast: https://www.got-velocity.com/podcast Craig’s website: https://craigcapurso.com/   Show notes: 03:30 Craig’s bio and mission. 04:50 Fearing God vs. fearing “man” and stewardship of spiritual gifts. 09:32 The four pillars of faith, family, fitness and fellowship. 10:27 Being authentic and outspoken on gun rights, politics, faith, and other “unpopular” views. 12:18 Classic Physique vs. Men’s Physique: would you ever compete again? 13:30 The time and energy a bodybuilding...

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