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E80 - Craig Capurso, IFBB Pro on Faith, Family, and Fitness

Craig Capurso is a professional bodybuilder, disciple of Christ, husband, father, coach, gym owner, fitness model, and author. 

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Show notes:

03:30 Craig’s bio and mission.

04:50 Fearing God vs. fearing “man” and stewardship of spiritual gifts.

09:32 The four pillars of faith, family, fitness and fellowship.

10:27 Being authentic and outspoken on gun rights, politics, faith, and other “unpopular” views.

12:18 Classic Physique vs. Men’s Physique: would you ever compete again?

13:30 The time and energy a bodybuilding competition requires, and proper mindset around “winning” going into a show.

20:00 Rebounding after shows; proper mindset around “bulking” and “reverse dieting.”

26:26 Hiring employees, delegating the non-essentials, and making a “vertical priority” list to progress in multiple businesses at the same time, while keeping the focus on faith and family.

33:02 Being intentional about prioritizing “dad-time.” How to identify when to work and when to play.

40:31 The good, the bad, and the ugly of the online coaching industry!

46:42 Craig’s favorite Bible passages that keep him motivated every day.

55:17 How Craig came to faith and became a born-again believer.

1:01:17 How Craig found true happiness in obtaining PEACE (more specifically, “shalom”).

1:02:28 Advice to aspiring specialty gym owners.

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