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Colt and Taylor discuss what it means to be a Ketovore, why our family eats so much meats, practical takeaways and three recipes for you to try today! Show notes: 00:23 What is a Ketovore? 04:10 Supplement recommendations for those who do not eat meat.(1) 05:11 Vitamin B12 Deficiency Study.(2) 06:19 Health benefits of creatine.(3) 07:06 Zinc's crucial roles in metabolic and hormonal health.(4) 08:25 Overview of our staple main dishes, sides, and snacks. 10:10 Keto Carole's influence and inspiration for our family to embrace the ketogenic lifestyle.(5) 13:50 KETO BRICKS ( / IG: @ketobrick) 16:18 RECIPE #1: Chicken Thighs....

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