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  Dr. “Fit and Fabulous, that is, Dr. Jaime Seeman is a: u Ketogenic women’s physique competitor u Mrs. Nebraska 2020 u Board-certified OBGYN u Board-certified ketogenic nutrition specialist u Wife & mother (3 girls 😊) Passionate about PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE, she has overcome: Weight gain Fatigue Low thyroid Hormone imbalance  Pre-diabetes She recently competed at the NPC/IFBB/MIDWEST which was her first ever bodybuilding competition! Ø  1st Place Novice Ø  2nd Place Masters Ø  3rd Place Open     SHOW NOTES: 04:54 Dr. Jaime’s bio. 07:52 What drove Jaime to decide to compete in the sport of bodybuilding. 10:31 Why STRONG is the “new skinny;” why lifting weights does NOT make women bulky...

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Audio available on Anchor, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart Radio. Are you married to or dating a bodybuilder? Taylor gives you a heads up on what to expect from your athlete and how to be their #1 fan! Books mentioned in show: 1. Ketogenic Bodybuilding, by Robert Sikes 2. Heart of a Competitor: Daily Devotions for a Winning Attitude "Built Naturally" T-Shirts by Matt Hornsby: email Book your free 15-minute phone consultation with Coaches Colt & Taylor: or text “coaching” to (206) 743-1346 All of the supplements we take:

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Crystal Sikes is a ketogenic bodybuilder, owner of Lady Savage LLC, co-founder of Keto Savage Primal Performance and Keto Brick LLC (along with her husband Robert), a coach, and a soon-to-be-mom! website: / Instagram: @the.lady.savage / @ketobrick Show notes: 03:23 Crystal’s bio, accomplishments and struggles. 04:48 Why keto? 07:11 Can I do the ketogenic diet without giving up all the foods I love? 10:05 Improving vitamin deficiencies with a healthy, whole-foods based diet. 15:03 Winning her first bodybuilding show and post-competition “blues” (getting back on track with a proper reverse diet). 19:20 Overcoming chronic depression and anxiety with...

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Surprising results from my experimental all-meat peak-week contest prep protocol. Show notes: 00:00  Contest Prep 101: What is a "peak week?" 08:32 Why the Carnivore Diet works so well for building muscle year-round while staying lean. 12:51 Why one size doesn't fit all and the Carnivore Diet may not be the best option for you. 13:04 Mickey Kohscheen's muscle-building and fat-loss results after 5 weeks of eating nothing but steak every day. 20:57 Backstory to this season's cut: Skullbellz production updates, new barbells, and more. 22:25 James 4:13-15: Man's goals vs. God's will; how we found peace and perspective in...

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Talia Major is a SUPER-MOM, wife, entrepreneur, and now a close friend from Vancouver, BC having recently completed our 12-Week Hypertrophy Transformation™ Program using a meat-based ketogenic diet approach and bodybuilding-style home weight training (no gym) in which together we built lean muscle, burned 13+ lbs of fat, and equipped her with the tools and habits to continue her aesthetic journey and lead her family by example. We celebrate her success and discuss the many challenges she overcame which we pray will be an inspiration to other parents who need hope that they too can transform their bodies and implement...

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