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E107 - Keto Competition Recap, with Robert Sikes (Keto Savage Interview Round Two!)


How he utilized the book up to peak week (1:23)
Adjusting to the higher protein level and the reasons for the increase (5:28)
Salt cravings during the prep and electrolyte consumption (9:42)
Overcoming challenges when beginning this prep (14:59)
Struggling with disordered eating (21:39)
Other obstacles he had to overcome, such as a foot injury and a big move right in the middle of the prep (22:38)
The Master Press (23:23)
How his foot injury affected his training (29:39)
Leaning on his faith during the prep and healing (35:11)
The mental growth that happens during a prep (39:33)
Using a sauna (49:39)
Colt's upcoming shows the rest of this season (52:13)
Trends he's seen with his clients and what's sustainable (54:49)
Handling cravings on the ketogenic diet (59:12)
Nutrient density vs. volume (1:04:09)
Extremely high water intake (1:07:22)

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