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Show notes: 01:40 WASTE #1: Supplements that DO NOT WORK! (And which ones actually do). 03:27 B.S. “natural testosterone boosters.” 05:00 Myostatin inhibitors for muscle gains—do they work??? 07:17 Laxogenin: plant based anabolic??? 08:59 TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) vs. “natural plant-based testosterone boosters” cost analysis. 09:57 WASTE #2: Your diet is TOO COMPLICATED! 13:03 The Sweet Potato Diet, by Michael Morelli. 8 sweet potato recipes I used up through all my last contest preps including sweet potato birthday cake! 16:18 WASTE #3: Gimmicky protein bars and energy drinks. 20:04 Client highlight: Todd Rogers and how he re-arranged his budget to...

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Colt and Taylor share how you can leverage the Four Pillars of Hypertrophy to set aesthetic goals and enjoy improvements in all other areas of life as a result! Science topics referenced can be found in the book Men's Health: The Book of Muscle, by Ian King and Lou Shuler Music by Josh Walker: https://youtu.be/F-OpZQeNF_0 Instagram: @walkermusic_  Free Interactive Workout: Free Interactive Workout – supersetyourlife Book your free Meet & Greet with Coach Colt: Calendly - Colt Milton 01:35 First exciting announcement: Agreement with Walker Music! 03:51 Second exciting announcement: Free interactive, classic physique-style back & shoulders workout available for download! 06:39 Third exciting...

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