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E44 - Four Pillars of Hypertrophy

Colt and Taylor share how you can leverage the Four Pillars of Hypertrophy to set aesthetic goals and enjoy improvements in all other areas of life as a result!

Science topics referenced can be found in the book Men's Health: The Book of Muscle, by Ian King and Lou Shuler

Music by Josh Walker: Instagram: @walkermusic_ 

Free Interactive Workout: Free Interactive Workout – supersetyourlife

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01:35 First exciting announcement: Agreement with Walker Music!

03:51 Second exciting announcement: Free interactive, classic physique-style back & shoulders workout available for download!

06:39 Third exciting announcement: 12-Week Hypertrophy Transformation

07:19 Taylor's even more exciting announcement!

08:00 Preview to the three different approaches to the Carnivore Diet.

12:15 How we define "hypertrophy."

14:07 The science of training for hypertrophy.

19:30 Two ways beginners can tell if their workout program is effective.

21:01 Five ways to train to maximize testosterone production naturally.

26:09 The important role of exercise to fully enjoy your time with your family without regrets.

29:04 The impact our coaches have had on our lives and our health.


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