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Give your usual workout music a break and listen up to our favorite motivation quotes to empower your through your workout! We also cover tips on tracking your progress more effectively. Dope background music by WALKER MUSIC: Link to purchase motivational bodybuilding workout tracker: Bodybuilding Logbook - First Edition – supersetyourlife Show notes: 01:13 How and why we designed our own bodybuilding logbook, and how to use the logbook. 02:28 Why we use "WARMUP" and "COOLDOWN" as "code words" for "CARDIO." Optimizing fat-burning and cooling down simultaneously post-workout. 05:06 Taylor's 5 favorite quotes to crush her workouts! 10:11 What is...

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Overview of Workout Segments: 1. WARM-UP 2. ACTIVATION SUPERSETS 3. PUMP SETS (or supersets) 4. STRENGTH SETS (or supersets) 5. STRETCH SETS (or supersets) 6. COOL-DOWN (Inspired by John Meadows; overview described at 25:52) Show notes: 00:05 The art and joy of writing workout plans. 02:00 Assumption #1: Your Goals. 03:52 Philosophy on Death, Skullbellz, Body & Spirit: Making the most of your life, with the time you have, even including your workout. Body = Temple. 09:21 Assumption #2: Equipment. 12:21 The importance of training for STRENGTH, MUSCLE, and PERFORMANCE instead of training to "lose weight." 15:40 The dangers of...

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Listen up for a mixture of workout motivation, success stories from people just like you, and practical, proven methods to get the results you want without going to the gym! Show notes: 01:19 Five (5) reasons why weight training is superior to cardio alone. 08:10 Dumbbell selection for training at home. 08:52 Ten (10) exercises you can do at home with only a pair of dumbbells. 11:45 Team #Skullbellz At-Home workout program summary. 12:03 Team #Skullbellz "BEFORE" interviews!* 20:46 Team #Skullbellz "AFTER" interviews!* To see the videos of these Team #Skullbellz Home Workout Transformations, please visit our playlist on our YouTube...

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