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Jordan Boughner is a Carnivore SUPERMOM(!) close friend and client from Palm Beach, FL currently lean bulking on a meat-based diet just like Coach Mark from Ireland who of course is getting ready for his first show this year! Jordan has been experience lots of “ups-and-downs” that I’ll let you fill everyone in on in just a second! We’re going to take a DEEP DIVE into her MEAL PLAN, TRAINING PROTOCOL, and discuss what needs to change moving forward into her next phase. If you haven’t heard of Coach Mark you should totally check out E120 & 122 where we...

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Today we have Susi Banuelos, a carnivore up-and-coming figure competitor from San Rafael, CA! She’s been on our meal and workout plans for just over a month now! We are writing her next workout and meal plan and decided it was best once again to ask COACH MARK ENNIS from Dublin, Ireland for his expertise, help with some of her questions I believe he can answer better than I can 2nd set of eyes on how I’m coaching her to keep her healthy inside and out! Susi’s IG: @masaun_luz Mark’s IG: @fitnessbeyondtime01 *If you don’t know who COACH MARK is,...

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Mark Ennis is a MEAT-BASED ONLINE COACH -- LIKE TAYLOR & ME -- from Dublin, Ireland who specializes in TRANSFORMING women's health with the CARNIVORE DIET. After connecting in the "PODCAST WORLD" we were SHOCKED at how similar we are in our approach to nutrition! It was only logical to schedule our first phone call to bounce ideas off of each other and help each other become better at coaching WOMEN. Mark's understanding of women's health far surpasses me, so every opportunity we have to match time zones and learn from each other requires I come prepared with my note pad and journal...

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