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E122 – “Lean Bulking” & Long-Term Health as a Carnivore, with Susi Banuelos & Mark Ennis

Today we have Susi Banuelos, a carnivore up-and-coming figure competitor from San Rafael, CA! She’s been on our meal and workout plans for just over a month now! We are writing her next workout and meal plan and decided it was best once again to ask COACH MARK ENNIS from Dublin, Ireland for his

  • expertise,
  • help with some of her questions I believe he can answer better than I can
  • 2nd set of eyes on how I’m coaching her to keep her healthy inside and out!

Susi’s IG: @masaun_luz

Mark’s IG: @fitnessbeyondtime01

*If you don’t know who COACH MARK is, please listen to E120 with Wendy Eddy where you’ll learn all about who exactly this CARNIVORE/COACH/BODYBUILDER is!*


00:42 Introductions & posing class recap!

02:40 What feedback should we pay special attention to when on a meat-based diet?

07:25 “Good fats” and “bad fats;” what’s the difference?

11:24 Susi’s meal timing and training protocol.

14:59 Game plan & adjustments to Susi’s macronutrient ratios.

20:17 Susi’s workout split & changes that need to be made.

31:32 Is it normal to experience sodium cravings on a ketogenic, meat-based diet?

38:01 Coach Mark’s personal habits and recommendations to reduce SUGAR CRAVINGS.

42:57 How Susi SUPERSETS her LIFE!

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