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Overview of Workout Segments: 1. WARM-UP 2. ACTIVATION SUPERSETS 3. PUMP SETS (or supersets) 4. STRENGTH SETS (or supersets) 5. STRETCH SETS (or supersets) 6. COOL-DOWN (Inspired by John Meadows; overview described at 25:52) Show notes: 00:05 The art and joy of writing workout plans. 02:00 Assumption #1: Your Goals. 03:52 Philosophy on Death, Skullbellz, Body & Spirit: Making the most of your life, with the time you have, even including your workout. Body = Temple. 09:21 Assumption #2: Equipment. 12:21 The importance of training for STRENGTH, MUSCLE, and PERFORMANCE instead of training to "lose weight." 15:40 The dangers of...

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