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Erica is a CARNIVORE NURSE, LIFTER, RUNNER, and POSITIVE VIBES PRACTITIONER! She believes in "MAKING MONDAYS(!) GREAT AGAIN!" and today she's carved out some time in her busy schedule to share her experiences with you so you can SUPERSET YOUR LIFE! TIME STAMPS: 00:50 New announcements(!); Erica’s backstory and bio. 02:21 Running for THERAPY and CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH. 05:49 Building MUSCLE MASS on a PLANT-BASsdED DIET vs. a MEAT-BASED DIET. 09:28 CARBOHYDRATE TIMING on a MEAT-BASED (Paleo) diet. 14:48 Sleeping on a FULL STOMACH vs. an EMPTY STOMACH—which is better? 19:29 Optimal meal timing & ALCOHOL consumption on a meat-based diet....

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Dr. Sarah Zaldivar interviews Colt & Taylor Milton on why they started the Carnivore Diet, implemented it into a family lifestyle, and utilize it for bodybuilding competition prep. Dr. Sarah Zaldivar is a Nutrition Professor at Miami Dade College. She earned her PHD in exercise physiology and nutrition at the University of Miami.  Dr. Sarah is another CARNIVORE success story herself! Check out her YouTube channel as she’s got a TON of education and practical helps on the carnivore diet.  YouTube: Dr. Sarah Zaldivar - IG@ Dr.Sarah.Zaldivar  email: website: ✅PRODUCTS MENTIONED: Robert Sikes Keto Brick: G Hughes sugar-free...

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If you struggle with any of these diseases, this episode is for you. I walk you through the addiction, shame, and downward spiral of my experience with eating disorders and how I've learned to live with it. To borrow from Jesus' teaching to His disciples concerning how to enter the Kingdom of God: "With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible." (Mark 10:27b NKJV) I'm hopeless in this battle without my Lord and Savior. At the end of the episode I teach through my personal journey a guided Scriptural prayer & meditation...

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