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E78 – Story Time: Bulimia, Gluttony, and Body Dysmorphia

If you struggle with any of these diseases, this episode is for you. I walk you through the addiction, shame, and downward spiral of my experience with eating disorders and how I've learned to live with it.
To borrow from Jesus' teaching to His disciples concerning how to enter the Kingdom of God: "With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible." (Mark 10:27b NKJV)
I'm hopeless in this battle without my Lord and Savior. At the end of the episode I teach through my personal journey a guided Scriptural prayer & meditation exercise you can use the next time you face temptation around food addiction. You can watch the video of this exercise on our YouTube channel "SKULLBELLZTV": 
“Eating Disorder Emergency Sheet” .PDF under our RESROUCES tab at the bottom of this page.
Show notes:
00:21 Overview & announcements
05:40 LiveCast interview with Gene Bernier. FULL INTERVIEW:
07:37 Stress induced from overworking, hiring employees, financial decisions, and prioritizing family time.
11:21 Freedom and peace experienced from surrendering all control to God.
13:22 Coping with an eating disorder.
15:55 The value of an accountability coach that understands your condition.
21:48 From a “super athlete” to a dad that needs to make some lifestyle changes.
23:55 Keto Savage interview with Robert Sikes. FULL INTERVIEW: Colt Milton on how Covid-19 inspired him to start a new business! | Keto Savage
25:06 How bodybuilding without a coach amplified my binge eating disorder.
30:24 Acknowledging I had a full-blown eating disorder and seeking help.
37:37 The downward spiral of binging and purging.
43:54 The sustainability of a healthy, low-carb lifestyle.
46:13 Our mission to be a resource to people who have eating disorders.
53:02 The health benefits and dangers of intermittent fasting.
57:05 The power of memorizing Scriptures in times of stress and temptation.
57:49 Deep breathing to prepare for meditation.
1:01:22 Guided scriptural prayer & meditation.

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