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Scott Myslinski is the host of the #1 rated carnivore podcast called The Carnivore Cast ( that focuses on the carnivore diet and lifestyle with practical advice from successful carnivores, citizen scientists, and top researchers answering your burning questions and meaty topics. Show notes: 00:30 Beginning and development of The Carnivore Cast . 01:44 Scott's personal experience with meat-based diets and common incorrect beliefs of plant-based diets. 04:23 Lightweight rowing, cutting weight, weightlifting, and bodybuilding on meat-based diets. 05:36 Incorporating carbohydrates successfully without downsides and building muscle; gym performance with and without carbs. 08:15 Experimenting with high-fat and high-protein approaches; differences between...

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Colt and Taylor discuss what it means to be a Ketovore, why our family eats so much meats, practical takeaways and three recipes for you to try today! Show notes: 00:23 What is a Ketovore? 04:10 Supplement recommendations for those who do not eat meat.(1) 05:11 Vitamin B12 Deficiency Study.(2) 06:19 Health benefits of creatine.(3) 07:06 Zinc's crucial roles in metabolic and hormonal health.(4) 08:25 Overview of our staple main dishes, sides, and snacks. 10:10 Keto Carole's influence and inspiration for our family to embrace the ketogenic lifestyle.(5) 13:50 KETO BRICKS ( / IG: @ketobrick) 16:18 RECIPE #1: Chicken Thighs....

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Part 2 of our time with the Keto Savages! Please see the notes for Episode 6 for their bio. In this episode we cover: 00:54 Building businesses together as husband & wife. 06:06 Hiring first employees & initial business growth. 09:39 What's next?? 13:03 Five-year business goals. 16:31 Daily routines & rituals. 26:23 Fears involved in making the transition to the Ketogenic Diet. 35:53 Dealing with doubters, nay-sayers & critics! 39:36 Business mentors.

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In this 6th episode we interviewed The Keto Savage and the Lady Savage, Robert & Crystal Sikes! Robert: website: Instagram: @ketosavage Crystal: website: Instagram: @the.lady.savage Keto Brick: Apparel: 00:00 Introduction: The Keto Savages. 05:00 Savage Headquarters. 08:00 Purpose in starting Keto diet and bodybuilding. 11:20 Food & exercise as medicine. 12:35 Healing relationship with food and eating disorders. 21:35 "Bro-dieting" vs. strict Keto approach. 27:05 Robert's macros. 29:28 Keto-adapted weightlifting. 30:06 Questions on Keto adaptation.

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In this fifth episode we interviewed "Keto Carole" Freeman: "Miss Fix It" of the Keto World Masters in Nutrition Masters in Clinical Health Psychology  Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist  Stand up Comedian and Producer Carole and her staff teach women around the world that have tried every diet in the book implement the keto diet as a long term health lifestyle, so that they may finally feel happy with food and their bodies Contact: Free 7-day Fast and Easy Keto Meal Plan Apply for coaching on website IG: @ketocarole Facebook: Carole Freeman Youtube: The Carole Freeman (Podcast) Book referenced: Why We...

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