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E91 – Dr. Sarah Zaldivar Q&A: Plant Toxicity, Emotional Eating, Deception from Universities & Addictive Food Manufacturers, and MUCH MORE!

Dr. Sarah Zaldivar is a Nutrition Professor at Miami Dade College. She earned her PHD in exercise physiology and nutrition at the University of Miami. 

Dr. Sarah is another CARNIVORE success story herself! Check out her YouTube channel as she’s got a TON of education and practical helps on the carnivore diet. 

YouTube: Dr. Sarah Zaldivar -

IG@ Dr.Sarah.Zaldivar 



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Show notes:

02:29 Dr. Zaldivar’s bio and backstory; why she started the Carnivore Diet.

10:25 Not a “restriction diet.” How the Carnivore Diet gives you FREEDOM.

16:03 Why spinach can be bad for you!

21:04 How do you test what vegetables your body tolerates?

27:13 How mainstream food manufacturers and politics are ruining our health by spreading lies, pushing plant-based nutrition, and encouraging consumption of highly addictive processed foods.

31:01 Dr. Sarah’s future competition plans.

32:43 Sleep quality and dreams on low-carb diets.

33:24 Thoughts on AARP’s claims that the ketogenic diet is “extremely unhealthy” for organs, longevity, etc.

38:08 Why saturated fats sourced from quality meats is essential for children.

40:19 Coca Cola’s sponsorship and influence on American University of Beirut and their encouragement to “count Calories” and regularly consume unhealthy foods.

48:02 How to determine optimal dietary sodium, potassium, and magnesium consumption.

53:32 Troubleshooting common issues when beginning the Carnivore Diet such as thirst and a “dry mouth.”

56:27 How the Carnivore Diet can help with Crones Disease.

57:09 Apple Cider Vinegar—good or bad?

1:03:04 Should Carnivores supplement Vitamin C as well as other vitamins and minerals?

1:06:28 Closing announcements and exclusive offers for podcast listeners.

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