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E76 – Jen Winkler on Losing 80 lbs, Reversing PCOS, and Controlling Epilepsy with the Ketogenic Diet!

Jen Winkler is a wife, mom, and keto/carnivore veteran! She has been able to help control her epilepsy with a meat based diet, as well as reversing her PCOS diagnosis, all while losing 80 lbs! 

Jen is also a coach for busy mamas looking to balance their hormones through a ketogenic diet.

Jen’s IG:


Interview on The Keto Savage Podcast:

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Show Notes:

03:30 Jen’s Bio.

07:07 Challenges & rewards of being a stay-at-home mom.

10:45 Controlling her epilepsy diagnosis and seizures with the ketogenic diet.

15:48 Walking away from anxiety, panic attacks, and other side effects caused by medications.

17:11 Tracking ketones; fat and protein ratios.

24:08 Intermittent fasting: additional stressor or helpful strategy?

25:19 “Clean Carnivore” vs. “Dirty Carnivore.”

29:09 Is it wise to incorporate “cheat days” on a meat-based low-carb diet?

37:01 Sweet cravings: how to tell if you are hungry or if you want to eat out of emotional stress.

41:08 The ineffectiveness of trying to fix “spiritual problems” with “worldly solutions” such as food.

43:38 Supplementing electrolytes.

46:36 Finding peace in your Creator’s plan as you endure life’s obstacles and tribulations (Romans 8:28).

50:56 The kind of family conversations that really matter.

55:28 The value of high-fat, meat-based diets for children’s cognitive abilities.

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