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E93 – Our Journey to the Carnivore Lifestyle (Interview with Dr. Sarah Zaldivar)

Dr. Sarah Zaldivar interviews Colt & Taylor Milton on why they started the Carnivore Diet, implemented it into a family lifestyle, and utilize it for bodybuilding competition prep.

Dr. Sarah Zaldivar is a Nutrition Professor at Miami Dade College. She earned her PHD in exercise physiology and nutrition at the University of Miami. 

Dr. Sarah is another CARNIVORE success story herself! Check out her YouTube channel as she’s got a TON of education and practical helps on the carnivore diet. 

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💕Hi! I'm Dr. Sarah Zaldivar, and I help people lose weight, particularly those who struggle the most in that area. I hold a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology & Nutrition from the University of Miami and am a certified personal trainer and exercise physiologist with the American College of Sports Medicine. I also teach at Miami Dade College and DeVry University on the side, and I am based in Ocala, Florida :).

In Health, Sarah

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Show notes:

02:30 How our health & fitness journey began.

05:13 Early beliefs of nutrition (lies!).

08:49 Binge eating, bulimia & body dysmorphia.

10:24 Taylor’s healing & recovery from two challenging pregnancies.

16:02 How the Carnivore diet minimizes “sweet-tooth” cravings and helps you feel nourished & satiated.

20:12 Taylor’s experiment of re-introducing carbs and resulting hunger.

22:08 A typical meal plan for an entire day, for Colt.

23:31 Colt’s current contest prep supplementation protocol.

26:28 Taylor’s hormonal healing after eliminating most plants from her diet.

28:02 Strategic use of marijuana for sleep & recovery.

33:33 Colt’s current bodybuilding goals, workout split and cardio regimen.

39:24 A typical meal plan for an entire day, for Taylor.

45:14 Keto Bricks®: the ONLY “processed” meal replacement we consume and recommend!

49:13 BEEF HEART: the most UNDERRATED organ meat?

50:08 Mentality of being ALL-IN.

57:11 Robert Sikes’ philosophy on competing and life (couldn’t have said it better ourselves).

59:21 Meditation practices.

1:02:42 Advice to those considering competing in the sport and art of bodybuilding.

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