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E124 – Lean-Bulk Optimal Protein & Fat Ratios, with Jordan Boughner & Mark Ennis, for Healthy Weight Gain

Jordan Boughner is a Carnivore SUPERMOM(!) close friend and client from Palm Beach, FL currently lean bulking on a meat-based diet just like Coach Mark from Ireland who of course is getting ready for his first show this year! Jordan has been experience lots of “ups-and-downs” that I’ll let you fill everyone in on in just a second! We’re going to take a DEEP DIVE into her MEAL PLAN, TRAINING PROTOCOL, and discuss what needs to change moving forward into her next phase.

If you haven’t heard of Coach Mark you should totally check out E120 & 122 where we went over Susi and Wendy’s diets and training! He’s back once again offering his time as a second set of eyes making sure that Jordan’s training isn’t just working for her AESTHETIC GOALS, but more importantly that her long-term health continues to improve 😊


00:24 Introductions & opening prayer (Isaiah 40:31)

02:31 Beginning of Jordan’s health journey being chronically underweight.

03:22 A year of TRIBULATION: COVID, more weight loss, struggling to gain weight, trying popular diets, poor thyroid health, digestive complications, and medical procedures.

11:00 How the switch to CARNIVORE significantly improved Jordan’s blood test results.

12:08 How chronic insulin spikes damage gut lining.

16:06 Jordan’s current animal-based meal plan and current health condition.

19:20 Why 70% of energy derived from FAT optimizes anabolic hormone levels to build lean muscle tissue.

24:14 Jordan’s new macronutrient ratios to keep her building muscle, gaining healthy weight, and being #supermom she was meant to be!

29:02 What meal times are best to build muscle? Does it matter?

35:51 Mark’s recommendations on when to eat to optimize gym performance for Jordan’s lifestyle.

43:34 Keto Bricks®: Perfect for moms on the go & their new meat-based flavor!

48:42 Overview of Jordan’s weight training program.

56:48 Is it safe to “push the envelope” with heavier weights now to continue seeing muscle growth?

1:02:09 When to use “REPS IN RESERVE” (number of repetitions that can be accomplished before a technical muscle failure)

1:09:07 Foam rolling, stretching, Theragun®, and over suggestions to improve Jordan’s recovery.

1:17:11 COFFEE: Recommended changes to caffeine consumption to improve overall mood and avoid anxiety.

1:25:52 Is it common to experience HAIR LOSS when in ketosis for an extended period of time?

1:27:42 Recap of Jordan’s new meal plan and workout regimen moving forward!


Application to work with Coach Mark Ennis:


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