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E120 – Performance vs. Health on a Meat-Based Diet, with Wendy Eddy & Mark Ennis

Mark Ennis is a MEAT-BASED ONLINE COACH -- LIKE TAYLOR & ME -- from Dublin, Ireland who specializes in TRANSFORMING women's health with the CARNIVORE DIET. After connecting in the "PODCAST WORLD" we were SHOCKED at how similar we are in our approach to nutrition!

It was only logical to schedule our first phone call to bounce ideas off of each other and help each other become better at coaching WOMEN. Mark's understanding of women's health far surpasses me, so every opportunity we have to match time zones and learn from each other requires I come prepared with my note pad and journal because this man has so much experience to help me to continue to learn and grow as a coach!

As of a few weeks ago, Mark committed to beginning prep for his FIRST EVER BODYBUILDING COMPETITION up the road here in Auburn, WA November 2023

  • This will also be TAYLOR'S first show--she is currently on a ketogenic contest prep and you can listen to E111 where Taylor tells you all about it!
  • BEST EXPERIENCE I've had as a competitor. NPC really ran it first class 
  • natural & non-tested shows back-to-back
  • highly recommended for 1st-time competitors.... and experienced competitors!
  • check out this show if you're in the Washington, United States area as a spectator!
  • show info:
  • view a vlog of Carly, Jerrett, and myself all competing at both shows -- it was pretty wild!!! -- on our YouTube channel "SKULLBELLZTV"
  • follow Coach Taylor's journey this year on IG: @taylorleamilton 
  • Plane tickets purchased!
  • Going to hang out here for a week and shoot all kinds of YouTube videos!!! 
  • follow Mark's journey on IG: @fitnessbeyondtime01

ALSO! We are EVEN MORE BLESSED to be joined by WENDY EDDY, from Evereth, MN, a wonderful client and friend as of the last 7 months whose life has had a bit of "tribulation" lately......

  • Started off CRUSHING IT on our online bodybuilding & carnivore lean bulking plan
  • We were all celebrating & sharing her progress all over social media
  • Last month or two has been experiencing health issues unrelated to her training program
  • Some of what she's going through is kind of hard for me to 100% relate to and be of any help
  • We decided it was time to reach out to Coach Mark & record the conversation while we were at it!
  • Although she has become a BEAST (hehe) in the gym, we've been forced to re-prioritize some goals and focus on HEALTH -- and keep her #GAINZ coming along as quickly as what's wise and reasonable.


00:20 Introducing COACH MARK; how we met, and how it didn’t happen by accident!

03:12 Introducing special friend/client/guest WENDY EDDY!

05:19 How Mark overcame a “bad relationship with food.”

14:22 Differences in Mark’s & our coaching strategies: Should Carnivore “newbies” start “cold turkey” or gradually eliminate carbs?

21:40 The consequences of OVERTRAINING and its impact on CORTISOL.

31:00 Wendy’s current meal plan, macronutrient ratios, and Mark’s opinion on what to change.

38:14 Summarizing the changes we need to make to Wendy’s plan and the next steps to take!

42:44 How to STAY MOTIVATED when NOTHING is working!

50:11 Mark’s suggestions on how to PUSH PAST FAILURE without OVERTRAINING in terms of VOLUME.

61:48 Mark & Taylor’s competition plans for November of 2023 and WHY CARNIVORE BODYBUILDING is the FUTURE of the sport!


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