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E56 - 7 Ways You’re WASTING MONEY (!) on Your Fitness Goals…and How to Fix It!

Show notes:
01:40 WASTE #1: Supplements that DO NOT WORK! (And which ones actually do).
03:27 B.S. “natural testosterone boosters.”
05:00 Myostatin inhibitors for muscle gains—do they work???
07:17 Laxogenin: plant based anabolic???
08:59 TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) vs. “natural plant-based testosterone boosters” cost analysis.
09:57 WASTE #2: Your diet is TOO COMPLICATED!
13:03 The Sweet Potato Diet, by Michael Morelli. 8 sweet potato recipes I used up through all my last contest preps including sweet potato birthday cake!
16:18 WASTE #3: Gimmicky protein bars and energy drinks.
20:04 Client highlight: Todd Rogers and how he re-arranged his budget to make prioritize proper nutrition, supplements, and coaching to build muscle and burn fat consecutively for 6 weeks and counting.
21:29 Why you don’t need a Calorie surplus to build muscle.
22:46 WASTE #4: Cheap workouts and meal plans.
24:20 WASTE #5: Inconsistency.
27:07 Taylor’s big decision to regain her health after two C-sections and how she stuck with it.
29:03 WASTE #6: Unnecessarily over-using the gym.
31:01 Ideas of hypertrophy training that can be done outside the gym.
34:13 WASTE #7: Unnecessary gym equipment.
35:05 FIVE (5) useful tools that are a wise investment as you advance in bodybuilding training.
42:21 SOLUTION #1: Coach a friend!
43:22 SOLUTION #2: Ideas to reduce unnecessary spending.
44:16 SOLUTION #3: Negotiating/trading services with people you do business with.
46:19 SOLUTION #4: Ideas of how to make additional money on the side of your job.
47:15 SOLUTION #5: Optimizing effective supplement and grocery spending.
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