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E77 – Crystal Sikes on Keto Bodybuilding, Mental & Spiritual Strength, and Building Businesses as a Couple

Crystal Sikes is a ketogenic bodybuilder, owner of Lady Savage LLC, co-founder of Keto Savage Primal Performance and Keto Brick LLC (along with her husband Robert), a coach, and a soon-to-be-mom!

website: /

Instagram: @the.lady.savage / @ketobrick

Show notes:

03:23 Crystal’s bio, accomplishments and struggles.

04:48 Why keto?

07:11 Can I do the ketogenic diet without giving up all the foods I love?

10:05 Improving vitamin deficiencies with a healthy, whole-foods based diet.

15:03 Winning her first bodybuilding show and post-competition “blues” (getting back on track with a proper reverse diet).

19:20 Overcoming chronic depression and anxiety with faith, fitness, and nutrition.

23:55 The book of PSALMS: A valuable resource in times when you need encouragement. Fellowship and support with other followers of Jesus; thoughts on getting the most out of your Bible study.

25:45 “The character of God is wild.”

27:31 Sharing stories about stomach ulcers and how we got through them!

31:52 Battling chronic fatigue syndrome with better nutrition strategies.

35:08 Unification and understanding within a marriage to be there for each other during times of intense stress; completing each other and compensating for your spouse’s weak points.

38:51 How do you stay on your diet when you’re low on sleep???

40:41 Boundaries and practices around building a business with your spouse; when you’re “dating” and when you’re “working.”

44:19 Thoughts on competing at the same time as your spouse.

47:38 Experience in “pushing the envelope” with as much protein as possible while still remaining in ketosis.

54:48 Why it’s common for people who are chronically under-eating, with low metabolisms, to switch to a ketogenic diet with more Calories and improve fat loss results.

1:01:18 Bloating & acid reflux with the Carnivore Diet, both personally and with client experiences, and when it may be a better idea to switch to ketogenic diet macros from extremely high protein.

1:05:04 Oxalate dumping: a common problem when beginning the Carnivore Diet. (see this article: What To Do About Oxalate Dumping (

1:08:02 How Crystal SUPERSETS HER LIFE!

1:09:22 Handling criticism, condescending remarks, and negative opinions from people who do not understand your purpose in what you do.

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