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E62 - Carnivore Contest Prep Practice Peak Week

Surprising results from my experimental all-meat peak-week contest prep protocol.

Show notes:

00:00  Contest Prep 101: What is a "peak week?"

08:32 Why the Carnivore Diet works so well for building muscle year-round while staying lean.

12:51 Why one size doesn't fit all and the Carnivore Diet may not be the best option for you.

13:04 Mickey Kohscheen's muscle-building and fat-loss results after 5 weeks of eating nothing but steak every day.

20:57 Backstory to this season's cut: Skullbellz production updates, new barbells, and more.

22:25 James 4:13-15: Man's goals vs. God's will; how we found peace and perspective in the midst of unfortunate business setbacks.

30:08 Carnivore contest prep with a switch to Keto for the home stretch.

31:31 Peak week macronutrient and water manipulation.

34:34 Supplement overview.

39:07 "Show day!"

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